The sustainable manufacturer for swap trailers and bodies

Driving forward. As one of the leading manufacturers of swap trailers and bodies for intermodal transport, Wecon has already developed more than 20,000 sustainable solutions for renowned transport companies. Forward-looking, close to the market, based on a modular system. Not every wheel has to be reinvented. However, clever technical details that ensure a calculable advantage for the vehicle and the customer.

Here, digital technologies such as AI and telematics are on the rise, especially in the organisation and monitoring of goods flows. As part of the supply chain, modern commercial vehicle components adapt to this in good time. That is why two generations of the Wecon family examine and integrate the potential of their own or external innovations at an early stage. The best ones are used – to keep moving forward in pole position.

Sustainability ahead

Wecon company: Sustainability ahead

Corporate Social Responsibility. Sustainability is not just a word. Since 2019, Wecon has integrated the principles of the UN Global Compact along with ISO 26000 into its corporate strategy and culture. In the day-to-day business of the family business in particular, this means championing issues such as environmental protection, labour standards, anti-corruption and human rights.

We present our practical measures for resource conservation in annual reports. For example, generating your own solar power. All employees are encouraged to work with us to improve working conditions, processes and practices. Step by step, successes add up. For the livable future of future generations.

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