In the area of fixed bodies, Wecon is an expert partner for hauliers and logisticians who have the highest requirements in quality, flexibility, and reliability. We distinguish essentially between three types of fixed body trucks:

1. Fixed body high-volume trucks
2. Fixed body medium-sized trucks
3. Fixed body ultra-light vehicles

Fixed body high-volume trucks, also called jumbo trucks, are principally characterised by maximum utilisation of the load volume of up to 120 m³. Jumbo truck combinations are designed with both vehicle and trailer having an exterior length of 7,820 mm as standard, giving a total body length of 15,640 mm. With a height of 3,000 mm, the interior space is optimally suited to the requirements of the automotive industry, for example, as this is the height of three box pallets stacked on top of each other. To facilitate loading, Wecon high-volume trucks are equipped with an elevating roof that can be raised by approximately 300 mm. The load capacity of the Wecon jumbo truck can be up to 24,000 kg, depending on the vehicle used. As well as loading from the side, high-volume trucks are also frequently designed with a load-through facility, by means of which the vehicle can be loaded from behind without uncoupling the trailer at the ramp.

Fixed body medium-sized trucks are characterised by the fact that when they are being used, the maximum possible load volume and the maximum permissible gross vehicle weight for the truck are not fully utilised. A combination of vehicle and fifth-wheel trailer can also be used here instead of the central-axis trailer. Even distribution, for example, with a length of 7,450 mm for each body would result in a total length of 14,900 mm for the bodies. Medium-sized trucks do not necessarily require an elevating roof, as loading is not height-critical. The Wecon medium-sized bodies available include simple platform bodies and also box bodies that can be fitted with a tail lift, for example.

Fixed body ultra-light vehicles are impressive due to their absolute focus on reducing the unladen weight. As a truck with trailer, an ultra-light vehicle consists of a fixed body vehicle and central-axis trailer. The permissible gross vehicle weight for the entire truck is then 11,990 kg – coming in below 12,000 kg, which is the current toll limit over which a vehicle is liable for tolls on the German autobahns. Wecon ultra-light vehicles are fitted with aluminium floors and glass fibre reinforced roofs. The fixed body central-axis trailer has only one axis, thus saving considerably on the unladen weight. However, our ultra-light vehicles can be driven with a payload of more than 5,000 kg without exceeding the permissible gross vehicle weight.