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WECON GmbH is a specialist in commercial vehicles and container technology. Our company is one of the leading manufacturers of swap bodies and trailers for intermodal transport. WECON develops customised solutions for transport by road and rail. Our employees advise customers throughout Europe and design, produce and assemble products in Westphalian Ascheberg as well as in Strumień in Poland. Besides these core competencies, our family-run, medium-sized business is committed to producing versatile, high-volume vehicles characterised by their extremely low design and high load capacity. When customers come to us, they get customised vehicles with swap or rigid bodies.

Qualified engineers and mechanics work at WECON on the basis of a proven modular system that is flexibly structured to meet the needs of transport companies. Quality and variety are among the central cornerstones of WECON production. The product range includes high-volume swap bodies, swap boxes, swap systems for motor vehicles, swap trailers, container chassis, high-volume swap containers, semi-trailers and high-volume vehicles, plus multiply stackable containers for road, rail and water transport. WECON builds variants in accordance with individual customer requests. The company built its reputation on swap bodies for intermodal transport by road and rail. Its first swap flatbed was launched on the market in 1994 and set new standards with its 152-millimetrehigh body substructure and an internal height of 3,000 millimetres.

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