WECON has been intensively focused on adjusting to market requirements in recent years and, as partners of WECON, an important position is occupied by the expert vehicle builders. We construct and produce swap body equipment for truck swap body chassis according to their preferences and requirements. The mounting parts are therefore designed precisely for the mounting situation on the chassis, so that no modification work will be needed when mounting. This also means that the hot-dip galvanised container support arms, twist locks, mudguard brackets, and the swap body framework all retain their effective anticorrosive coating.

In addition to the hot-dip galvanised swap body equipment and BDF systems, WECON also offers a wide range of floor frames for swap body systems. These floor frames are fundamentally compatible with the standardised BDF systems. They are characterised by container corner castings on a 20′ base, symmetrical overhangs, centring tunnel, supporting legs, and an exterior width of approximately 2,550 mm. The total length is generally 7,450 mm or 7,820 mm with headroom of 152 mm or 215 mm.

For vehicle builders, a wide range of potential options exists for the floor frames: stacking slots, palette stop edge, central stake pockets, pockets for stanchions and for positioning them…WECON constructs the equipment according to your specifications and, following approval of the floor frame that you want, it is manufactured with a sealed screen floor, having a permissible forklift axle load of 5,460 kg as standard, and hot-dip galvanised.

Our partners from the vehicle construction area use the top-quality hot-dip galvanised floor frames, for example, for the construction of box body or platform assembly kits, in the area of timber transport, to optimise construction site logistics, or as intermediate storage in timber production.